Microlight three axis fixed wing and flex wing training to NPPL at GS Aviation in the UK and France

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Flying gift vouchers, gift experiences, fixed wing (3 axis) microlight training near Marlborough, Wiltshire

Makes an ideal gift that will probably be remembered for years to come.
Tel 01672  515535 to buy by credit or debit card NOW

Gyrocopter flights also available at Clench Common

G S Aviation can supply gift vouchers for trial flights, air experience and introductory or trial lessons.

20 minute and 60 minute Gift Voucher Flights

What will it be like?
If you have not flown in a small aircraft before it is quite likely that you will arrive at the airfield with mild trepidation. This is quite normal. First make your presence known so that the instructor is aware that you are on site. Do not be shy, ask any of the people around to tell you what is going on and where the hot drinks and toilets are. With luck someone will take you in hand and describe what is going on and probably point out the type of aircraft that you will be flying in. It could be that the aircraft has just come down from giving someone else a trial lesson. In which case look out for someone with a big grin on their face telling their family/friends how wonderful it was.

The instructor will appear to be dashing around as he grabs a coffee/sandwich/loo break/hands warming session between flights. He will then check your gift voucher and ask you to sign the day membership form. Now if you are flying in the open cockpit flexwing you will be presented with a warm flying suit to climb into, thick gloves and a headset and helmet. Particularly in winter being warm is good so do not be surprised to feel over dressed with a passing resemblance to a Michelin Man.

The instructor will now ask you a bit about yourself and any previous flying experience, take you to the aircraft and show you how to get in. Once sat inside he will strap you in securely and if in the open cockpit flex wing will emphasize that there must be no loose objects that might fly off. Your head set will both keep the engine and wind noise away and give clear conversation with the instructor.

A series of pre flight checks will be done and then the engine started and allowed to warm up. This can take a few minutes in winter or the start of a day. The aircraft will then taxi out to the runway that is in use, which is usually the one pointing closest to the way the wind is blowing towards you. Part way down the runway the engine is usually checked again.

At the end of the runway a few further checks will be done, the instructor usually saying them aloud. Then full power and off you go. The grass can be quite lumpy so just like driving a car across a field do not expect it to be smooth. However once the wheels leave the ground then it gets much smoother. Small aircraft, can climb quite steeply so you will feel as though the ground is dropping away from you and very quickly you will be looking down at the trees and buildings and hopefully seeing any family/friends waving at you.

Where will we go? What will we see?
The aircraft will usually climb whilst staying close to the airfield and then off into the distance you will go. The direction of the flight is usually weather dependant but typically might be out over towards Pewsey, past the white horse, up to Silbury Hill, Avebury and Kennet Long Barrow and back via Marlborough. On a clear day you will might see in the distance the Severn Estuary, the Welsh mountains, the Solent and the Isle of Wight. Below you will be amazed at some of the big houses, look out for the Windmill and the Crofton Beam Engine.

The instructor will keep chatting to you. If at any time you feel unsure of anything then tell the instructor. Most pilots really enjoy sharing their world with a new flyer. It is quite likely that you will be given the chance to take the controls and see how easy it is to fly.

All too soon you will be back over the airfield and starting to descend. Probably for the first time in the flight the instructor will reduce the engine power to near idle speed so it will get quieter and you will feel the aircraft losing height. The aircraft will now be close to the airfield, as we call it, in the circuit. Pre landing checks will be made and then there will be the runway ahead of you and the grass rushing past below. Remember the grass is not smooth so as you touch down you will feel the wheels trundle over the field.

Back on the ground!
Finally you will taxi back to the clubhouse, switch off the engine and have a good photo opportunity. If you have friends with you then the casual pose standing next to the aircraft is always good and for the gyro flyer keep the suit on and have the helmet under one arm! The instructor is probably now off for a quick cupper and to say hello to the next person. Sit down, have a coffee and watch for a bit whilst reliving in your mind what you have just done.

If you want to try it again or would like to give a gift voucher to a friend then this can all be arranged for you now and be aware if you buy gift vouchers direct from the airfield you miss out the middle man and get better value than buying through a high street store or mail order company. If you have made the big decision and want to start learning to fly then if you purchase a log book the first flight becomes the first lesson and you get that signed off. You are now on your way to becoming a pilot.


Cross Country Adventures!

If you have bought one of our top of the range vouchers you will probably have been in a small aircraft or glider before or have a great spirit for adventure! Approximately a three hour experience, flying to and landing at another airfield then a return flight,

So what will it be like? You will have been in touch with the school or instructor the day or so before to check the weather outlook. Then again on the morning of the flight as a longer weather window is needed for this sort of trip.

The experience will start with a short briefing looking at the route on an air chart and then making contact with the destination airfield by phone to ask for permission to land there. You will be shown some of the relevant points of the route and be aware of the distances and headings to be followed. Then off to the aircraft, check fuel sufficient for the flight and climb aboard.

For this example let us assume that the flight is going to be to Compton Abbas. A very popular general aviation airfield situated south of Shaftsbury on the top of a ridge. Our flight starts off to the west as we need to stay clear of the Salisbury plain military areas. First we will pass our local white horse, an iron age fort and then see the Wansdyke snaking along the ridge. Soon we will be approaching Devizes and our second white horse. Then past the Caen Hill locks, a straight run of 16 locks dropping the Kennet and Avon canal down the hill. Soon we will see Keevil airfield approach and we will keep well clear of this site that is used for both gliding and parachuting. Next comes the Westbury white horse, a quarry and our first turning point. Westbury is very easy to identify with all its railway lines.

Setting a new course to the south we see Centre Parcs holiday complex at Longleat Forest. Looking down through the trees you will see all the cabins and the boating lake. The Longleat Wildlife park is just a few miles further west. Flying past the forest and a careful lookout as we overfly Wing Farm airfield. A destination used by our own trainees when practicing solo navigation for their pilots licence. Soon we will see the A303 and change our radio frequency to Compton for our initial contact call. They will provide the neccessary airfield information so that we can continue south past Shaftsbury and into their circuit.

As Compton airfield is on the top of a ridge the approach and landing is always spectacular. Plus it is likely that there will be a quite a few spectators taking pictures of you coming in. Book in at the office and time for tea and a bun. After a short break it will be back out through the gate "Aircrew and passengers only" back to your plane and the journey home.

As this flight is with an instructor then it is quite likely that you have done most of the flying. Do not be surprised to end up elated and tired! So leave plenty of time for this activity. Aim to arrive at least half an hour before your booked time and expect it to last about three hours. This cannot currently be bought online so please ring GS Aviation on 01672 515535.

Also available:
45 minute experience including briefing and approximately 30 mins flying 120
1 hour experience including briefing, approximately 40 mins flying and a Pilot Logbook to record the experience 150

For more info on Gift Vouchers please contact Graham Slater, GS Aviation on 01672 515535 or contact us

Also available Gyrocopter Flights and Training

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